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                                   Al Long

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A special Thank You to Al Long for his work as a resource guide to anyone at the Senior Center who needs help with Veterans Benefits.  Al’s career began in 1941 when he joined the Marines as a Communications Specialist.  After two tours, he was honorably discharged in 1945.  To this day he is still a HAM radio operator.  After college on the GI Bill, he joined Lockheed Corporation at the height of the aeronautic and space flight boom.  He traveled all over the world as an instructor for Lockheed and worked with NASA on the Saturn 2 booster rockets used for the lunar space missions.  Al has been an automobile racing fan and participant for most of his life.  For an excellent view of his cars, races, and celebrities he has met on the racing circuit, visit his website:    Al moved to LHC in 1988 and on September 9 celebrates his 100th birthday.  Watch for Al most every morning arriving at the Senior Center in his cherry red Corvette.  Happy Birthday Al, we love you.




LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   If you would like to help lead, guide and direct Senior Center and Meals on Wheels programs, please contact President Char Rupp (928-453-0715) regarding opportunities to serve on the volunteer Boards of Directors.