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Meals on Wheels, Inc
Making a difference in the Lives of our Seniors



                                   Ron Craven

 …                                                              Ron 201 

Ron was volunteering at the Senior Center long before most of us even thought about the possibility.  He began driving Meals on Wheels in 1997 while he was a Winter Visitor and is today still delivering those meals as a shotgun preferring the more up close and personal contact with recipients. Ron worked at Dow Chemical for 12 years, then opened his own restaurant in Michigan where for 30 years he served Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners every day of the year.  Why stay at the Senior all these years?  Ron says “I really enjoy the people, those here now and the many who have passed during these 22+ years.  THANK YOU Ron for always being available when needed.  Your dedication is very much appreciated.



LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   If you would like to help lead, guide and direct Senior Center and Meals on Wheels programs, please contact President Char Rupp (928-453-0715) regarding opportunities to serve on the volunteer Boards of Directors.