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Camille Craven

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Camille has been volunteering at the Senior Center for over 10 years, moving from Meals on Wheels to the Front Desk to the Thrift Store and the Annex.  She’s now our Crafts Materials Manager.  She evaluates, categorizes and stores materials for crafts projects which are sold in the Thrift Store or special sales events or given as prizes for Bingo games or special Raffles.  Camille is the one responsible for the fancy Meals on Wheels tee shirts adorned with sparkling bling.  She compares the bling with her own life: bright and happy, busy with family, friends, and projects.  One of the reasons she enjoys volunteering so much at the Senior Center is the interaction with all the wonderful people.  Camille, THANK YOU for your many contributions to the Senior Center.


LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES   If you would like to help lead, guide and direct Senior Center and Meals on Wheels programs, please contact President Char Rupp (928-453-0715) regarding opportunities to serve on the volunteer Boards of Directors.